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Here you can purchase all of the products from the amazing Fijian Noni range in quantities to suit the personal shopper. Choose from Noni Juice, Fijian Noni Tea Bags, Noni Soap or Noni Capsules, all with the same incredible health benefits that makes our products so popular.


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Fijian Noni Juice - 1 Litre Bottle

This non-diluted,100% pure juice of Noni fruit is rich in vitamins, trace elements, enzymes, benefical alkaloids, co-factors and plant sterol. 1Litre Bottle FIJIAN NONI JUICE = 33 Days Supply.

Fijian Noni Tea-Bags - 1 Packet containing 25 Tea Bags

Fijian Noni tea bags contain a blend of 100% Noni Fruit, green tea and forest berry flavour. They have no caffeine and are a good source of antioxidents and flonoids. 1 Packet FIJIAN NONI TEA BAGS = 25 days Supply.

Fijian Noni Capsules

Fijian Noni capsules contain pure organically grown NONI fruit with no additives or artificial ingredients.

1 Bottle FIJIAN NONI CAPSULES = 30 Days Supply.

Fijian Bula-Noni Soap

Bula-Noni Soap provides an exfoliating and cleansing action leaving the skin feeling soft, fresh and invigorating.

The Fijian Noni Body Collection

A range of healthy moisturising products infused with Fijian Noni, Coconut and Argan Oil

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